Global Seair Services is known for the commitment to excellent customer service. Our team is focused on anticipating and exceeding the client’s expectations anytime a request for aviation related services is received:


Flying with a Global SEAIR Charter represents a lifestyle experience. It is more than just the ease of travel, it is about avoiding frustrating airport cues, delays or cancelled flights and giving the customer the unparalleled exclusivity and freedom that allow you to fly half way across the world and be back home for a nightcap the same day in case of business trip or fully enjoy your precious time when it comes to a leisure destination.


To date we are the ideal ALL-IN-ONE platform to arrange and coordinate your training in the EASA environment through the worldwide best recognized EASA approved ATO’s. The trainees will meet the EASA Part-FCL requirements for several kind of training in both airline and business aviation operations. The training delivered is focused on the high quality standards for qualifications and flight licenses such as:

  • PPL, CPL, Multi Engine, IR
  • ATPL (Frozen)
  • CRM, MCC
  • Type Rating and Base Training
  • TRI


Our aviation advisory group offers air transport companies around the world a comprehensive range of services from strategic development and business design through the implementation, management and control. Such us network strategies, cost savings, fuel policies etc.


Aviation is a highly dynamic market which shows a constant worldwide growth. This offers good job opportunities to highly motivated and well-trained professional pilots in order to support the expansion of your airline. Our database can provide you with an exhaustive number of highly qualified pilots for both Airlines and Business jet aviation.

Furthermore we provide EASA qualified Instructors and Examiners (TRI and TRE) on different schedules to accommodate the EASA ATO’s and Operators growing demand.


We provide the operators with the services required to fully deploy and outsource the Airbus EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) solutions, including Performance software (FlySmart), MDM (Mobile Device Management) and Documentation manager software.

Global SEAIR Services is the best option for those operators looking for innovative tools to switch from conventional to paperless and digital solutions.